Credits line : ESA - P. Sebirot

Already in operation for ESA

The first autonomous CSO, i.e. ELISA, is already in operation since June 2009. It has been designed and built in collaboration between Femto-ST Institute, the National Physical Laboratory (UK) and TimeTech GmbH (D).

Since April 2012, ELISA is installed in the new ESA Deep Space Station (DS3) in Malarg├╝e (Argentina). The tests validate in situ performances of the CSO.

Road to DS3 station.
The 35-metre deep space antenna in its environment.
Back of the antenna.
The Uliss team in front of the antenna.
The antenna by night.
Elisa in situ.
The Uliss team finalizes assembling of Elisa.
Elisa ready for operation.